A charming hotel in Paris 8 to seduce you on all occasions

A charming hotel in Paris 8 means the pleasure of coming to work in the capital or the joy of enjoying a romantic stay. There is always a good reason to choose a hotel as special as the Élysée Secret.

Luxury hotel in Paris 8, without hesitation the Best Western

When you think of a luxury hotel in the 8th arrondissement, you immediately think of the biggest palaces on the famous avenue. But without aiming for such selective establishments, you can enjoy a charming hotel in Paris 8 that combines both an iconic address and a romantic personality. This hotel is the Elysée Secret. Its theme is the 18th century boudoir, which is another way of saying that the atmosphere is hushed, coquettish, elegant, full of softness and surprises. One thinks for example of its suites with duplex, rooms with balcony or the romantic view par excellence of the roofs of Paris. As well located in Paris, a stone's throw from the Champs-Élysées, the view will be as memorable as you will be well situated to discover all the centers of interest of the capital.

The hotel services of your charming hotel in Paris 8

Being a charming hotel in Paris 8, it is a first good reason to book a stay there. But the rest of the hotel must be of the same level. If it is the case of the rooms and suites, the services of the hotel must be just as synonymous with luxury and quality. Thus, each room is equipped with wi-fi, satellite TV, air conditioning, a work area and a free mini-bar.

For the hotel part of this luxury hotel in the 8th arrondissement, there is luggage storage and an online concierge service, ideal for booking trips in the capital at preferential rates. You will also like the pocket wi-fi if you come from abroad. This solution allows you to connect your smartphone to this device in wi-fi so that you can use it without consuming your expensive mobile data. Finally, you'll definitely love the delicious breakfast buffet, which you can take up to your room or take with you if the call of Paris is irresistible in the morning.

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